Student Homework, Review Management & Class Performance Monitoring Solution

Efficient Way to Organize

Roles and Responsibilities

Teachers often face issues regarding organizing their responsibilities towards classrooms and their roles in teaching the students. Managing all these things can become more straightforward with the TopScorer application that offers the feature of managing the class performance. Teachers can easily track each student's performance and progress in each grade without compromising on the quality of teaching. When teachers assign tasks to students, they can easily upload documents and update their progress in the app. It is a wholesome system to organize and increase follow-up procedures to maintain the level of communication required between students and teachers.


Efficient Homework Reviewing System

for Teachers


The entire process of reviewing assignments can often become challenging if there is no proper system to sort and organize each student’s homework. Plus, students might often get confused with the details of the assignment, and the teacher might have to repeat the details. So, TopScorer helps teachers in making their reviewing tasks simpler by:

  • Reviewing and checking the status of homework assigned to students directly from the app.
  • Keeping a check on the students who have completed the assignments and the ones who haven’t.
  • Checking the test results online and analyzing them to figure out where they need improvement.
  • Allowing teachers to plan their lessons according to the test results and homework performance.

Class Performance

Monitoring App

Classroom learning can be made efficient and effective by using audio-visuals for teaching lessons and bring more clarity in the concepts. TopScorer enhances the confidence of students by enabling teachers to achieve more marks in exams by eliminating mugging. Teachers can analyze the progress of their students by:

Monitoring individual performance by checking each subject of a class.

Focusing on each student’s performance and guiding them to improve their shortcomings.

Tracking the weak and strong areas of each student and paying the attention they need accordingly.

Planning and conducting individual sessions to clear the doubts and concepts based on the performance.

Engaging students in a continuous process of improvement by regular performance analysis.