Easily Accessible Content for Improving Learning & Enhancing the Performance

Online Library for

Improving Learning

The students can easily access the online content library provided by NAVNEET TOPTECH in the TopScorer app. Being a critical part of any educational institution, a digital library does more than just storing the information. It is an excellent source for using all the learning material as and when needed. With such a library in place, the students can:

  • Use all the e-resources in the form of audio - visuals, notes, and activities to improve their learning.
  • Utilize all the information provided by NAVNEET TOPTECH for stress-free study management.
  • Easily attend and take the practice tests that are accessible anytime they want.
  • Accurately assess and evaluate their daily learning activities.

Managing Student Performance for

Better Decision Making


The performance management system from TopScorer app enables the school administration to drive key data components for increasing the achievement levels. Students can evaluate and prepare themselves for enhancing their performance in assignments and exams by planning, monitoring, and developing the expected results and behaviours. They can easily:

  • Gain detailed analytics based on their performance in each subject, directly from the module.
  • Have better access to know about their percentage, average result of the class, and their rankings.
  • Utilize artificial intelligence to know about the areas that need improvement.
  • Get to know the strong subjects that can help them determine the future course of action.

Developing Talents to

Succeed in Class

Performance management of the students comes along with the tools for receiving genuine feedback and recommendation from the teachers. Counsel plays a significant role in enhancing their performance in exams and assignments. With TopScorer’s module for a piece of advice from teachers, students can:

Increasing their expectations from themselves by setting, identifying, and defining individual goals.

Developing plans for maintaining that level of performance and improving as per the needs.

Improve their learning skills and behaviours to achieve better results in each area and subject.

Utilize the intelligence system to gain guidance from teachers for the right content at the right time.

Implement the feedback received from teachers for improving the topics they find challenging.

Evaluate their contribution from class learning, discussions, and participation.