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Standard Combo - Semi ( Grade 8 ) 293 Students

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About The Course

The TOPScorer standard pack for grade 8 includes course material for Mathematics, General Science, History, Civics and Geography of grade 8. The course is based on Maharashtra state board syllabus and as per prescribed textbooks. The course offers unlimited access to audio-visual content, practice exam, final exam, analytics based on adaptive learning, exam oriented question and answer in the form of notes . User can participate in discussion forums and can rate content based on his experience. Each chapter is explained in detail with the help of 2D/3D animation accompanied with rich visuals and crisp voice-over. Chapter explanation includes activities, experiments, real life examples and practice problems for better understanding of the subject. The subject experts have edited the content to ensure that student is exposed to relevant and accurate content. Ample number of multiple choice questions (MCQs) for practice exam and well structured final exams will help student in self evaluation and customized analytics. The exam oriented question and answers helps students to prepare for exam. This includes objective type, short and long question and answers based on entire syllabus and textbook. This is perfect exam relevant reference material. The learning, evaluation and exam oriented content along-with artificial intelligence based analytics with collaborative features makes TOPScorer the favorite study budy of students.

Chapter One Rational and Irrational numbers

Chapter Two Parallel lines and transversals

Chapter Four Altitudes and Medians of a triangle

Chapter Six Factorisation of Algebraic expressions

Chapter Eight Quadrilateral : Constructions and Types

Chapter Nine Discount and Commission

Chapter Twelve Equations in one variable

  • 4 Video

Chapter Thirteen Congruence of triangles

  • 4 Video

Chapter Fifteen Area

Chapter Sixteen Surface area and Volume

Chapter Seventeen Circle : Chord and Arc

Chapter Eighteen Miscellaneous Exercise 1

  • 18 Video




Yuvraj Singh 1 month ago

OK parul thakakr

PARUL THAKAKR 2 months ago

std 8 is given with old syllabus since last 2 month when are you going to upload new syllabus??? if anyone is reading this please inform us

Iqbal Shaikh 2 months ago


anil hingalaje 3 months ago

please update my app.....i.....purchased...8t class

Patil akaram 3 months ago

magil abhas karm hahe navin kadi taknar
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