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Assessment Standard Combo ( Grade 7 ) 660 Students

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  • 122 Tests

About The Course

The course is based on Maharashtra state board syllabus and as per prescribed textbooks. The course offers unlimited access to practice exam, final exam, analytics based on adaptive learning, exam oriented question and answer in the form of notes . User can participate in discussion forums and can rate content based on his experience.

Chapter One भौमितिक रचना

Chapter Two पूर्णांक संख्यांचा गुणाकार व भागाकार

Chapter Three मसावि-लसावि

Chapter Four कोन व कोनांच्या जोड्या

  • 7 Video

Chapter Five परिमेय संख्या व त्यावरील क्रिया

  • 1 Video

Chapter Seven जोडस्तंभालेख

  • 5 Video

Chapter Eight बैजिक राशी व त्यांवरील क्रिया

Chapter Nine समप्रमाण आणि व्यस्तप्रमाण

Chapter Ten बँक व सरळव्याज

Chapter Twelve परिमिती व क्षेत्रफळ

Chapter Thirteen पायथागोरसचा सिद्धान्त

Chapter Fourteen बैजिक सूत्रे – वर्ग विस्तार

Chapter Sixteen संकीर्ण प्रश्नसंग्रह 01

Chapter Seventeen संकीर्ण प्रश्नसंग्रह 02




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