Maharashtra State Education Board इयत्ता - १

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इयत्ता - १

इयत्ता - १
Maharashtra State Education Board
₹ 1000
इयत्ता - १
Maharashtra State Education Board
₹ 700
इयत्ता - १
Maharashtra State Education Board
₹ 200
इयत्ता - १
Maharashtra State Education Board
₹ 400


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The e-Learning Division of Navneet Education:

Created by the Navneet, that has a strong relationship to the education sector in India, shows the advantage of all that experience in their close integration with school curriculum at the national and state levels.

Empowering minds by simplifying learning:

It’s a tried and tested content used by over 10 lakh students from over 50,000 minutes of content across 2500 schools in two states. The emphasis here is to go beyond the chalk & talk method and stimulate the learning environment.

Available for offline consumption:

Along with their online product on the website which includes notes, audio-visual content, chapter-wise and comprehensive tests, report cards, etc. there is an offline offering that brings all of that beyond the website as a pendrive for Windows and SD Card for android.

Audio-Visual in story-telling format:

A learning portal that helps children learn audio-visually, interactively and in story-telling way which is fun, easy to understand and helps score well.

Dedicate app for mobile/tablet:

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